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7 days ago

A selection of cool TV shows according to my recommendations:

1 Game of thrones

Or "don't get attached to the hero, he will die anyway."

2 American Horror Story

Or "at first he will seem to you as strange as possible, but then you will love him"

3 Lucifer

There, the main character just dump his head.

4 Sherlock

When you look at Sherlock, you will understand that the mind is sexy.

5.Chernobyl (HBO)

Open your eyes to the truth.

6 black mirror

Don't let technology get into your head and take over your mind.

7 Riverdale

You will ship Buck and Betty anyway.


Or "Who killed Marina?"

9 The paper house

This team will teach you how to rob any place.

10 The witcher

Geralt the darling.

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