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2 days ago

Liquefied Natural Gas- Another Fossil fuel The World can't live without!(My Article)

The World still depends on fossil fuels, it's a hard fact to admits as the campaign for a more Nature-Friendly approach to Energy Generation and Consumption has been going on for over a decade now. More than 65% of the World Technology still runs on fossil fuel; Diesel, Gasoline, Premium Motor Spirit, Natural Gas and so on.

You can take a flight on a plane that runs on Solar yet or a cargo ship that imports and exports intercontinental goods, it is impeccable to note that Fossil Fuels still stand as a strong opposition to Renewable energy, and a good explanation would be maybe the technology to actualise the optimum potential of Renewable energy is still in its evolutionary stages, but with the pace of the World's advancement in Technology, Renewable energy might phase out fossil fuels and we have a more Environmentally friendly Universe to live in.

https://steemit.com/science/@oluwoleolaide/liquefi[email protected]oluwoleolaide/liquefied-natural-gas-another-fossil-fuel-the-world-can-t-live-without@oluwoleolaide/liquefi[email protected]oluwoleolaide/liquefied-natural-gas-another-fossil-fuel-the-world-can-t-live-without