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3 months ago

Russian Football Championship: CSKA - Spartak - derby result above all else

The central match of the tour can be considered CSKA - Spartak. These teams are located in the neighborhood. The guests are on the 5th line with 37 points, and the guests are on the 6th place with 32 points.

First time

The match was started by more active guests. They hit more, but alas, not on target. For 22 minutes Pavel Maslov earns the first yellow card in the match. The game went on parallel courses.

Already for 26 minutes Oblyakov shots on target for Spartak, but Alexander Maksiimnko was able to pull this ball. A minute later, on the 27th, the Spartacists did not cope with Vlašić, who received a transmission from M. Fernandez. CSKA comes forward.

The first 30 minutes were marked by the same number of shots on goal: 6. But CSKA delivered 2 shots on target, and Spartak didn’t. In addition, the army team scored two angular.

At the 37th minute Samuel Gigot gets a yellow. Spartak, on this indicator, is leaving behind.

At 41 minutes, Fedor Chalov is distinguished by his yellow. After 2 minutes, on the 43rd, Shchennikov gets his yellow. This is the second for CSKA players. Finally, the first half ended with the score 1 - 0. Army men scored their first goal against opponents after restarting the Russian Championship. Please note that Spartak for the first half was unable to strike a single shot on target. The hosts were marked by three.

Second half

Spartak began the second half more actively. In turn, CSKA continued to play on the result. Starting from 51 minutes, the nerves of the players began to pass. At 51 minutes, Nababkin gets yellow. At 74 minutes, the referee awarded Bistrovich yellow. Here they turned on the BAP system. It was necessary to check if the violation was on the part of player Spartak Zobnin, who was pulling on a red card. After checking, the referee showed the Spartak red card. Spartak remained in the minority. At 85 minutes, Fernandez gets a yellow.

In the 90th minute, Umyarov punches, Akinfeev reaches the ball, which hits the post and goes to the corner. At the end of the match, Spartak threw all his strength into wagering. But alas, in the last second of the match Vlašić runs away from the defenders, goes one on one and scores the second goal of the army. Ultimately, the score becomes: 2 - 0. This is the first defeat of Spartak after the resumption of the championship.

According to statistics, the army team outplayed their rivals. In particular, shots on goal: 16 - 13; shots on target: 6 - 2; angular: 5 - 2 and so on.

CSKA coach Goncharenko pointed out that players often switched to a clear rebound, but the result had to be achieved by any means.

Thus, after the defeat from Zenit, the army team was able to rehabilitate themselves in front of the fans. But, this only applies to the account. But not by the quality of the game. The players and the coach of the winners believe that the entertainment and quality of football is all secondary. The main thing is the result.

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