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6 days ago

Donald Trump has done 1 thing *really* well as President

(CNN)Donald Trump once pledged that, if elected president, he would put America first and spend no time at all worried about what the rest of the world thought about us. Mission accomplished!

A new Pew poll of 13 foreign countries reveals that perceptions of America have dropped drastically in recent years.

A few examples:

* In the United Kingdom, 83% had a favorable view of the US in 2000. Now just 41% feel the same way, the lowest number ever in Pew data.

* In Germany, just 26% now view the United States favorably -- down from 78% who said the same in 2000.

* In Canada, approval for their southern neighbors has gone from 72% in 2000 to 35% now.

What explains the collapse? Well, Trump mostly. The 13 countries' median rating on confidence in Trump to do the right thing in world affairs is just 16%. That includes a high of 25% in Japan and a low of 9% in Belgium.

Trump's dismal ratings are closely tied to perceptions about how he has led the US during the coronavirus pandemic. Across all 13 countries, a median of a measly 15% said the US had done a good job in dealing with Covid-19.


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