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5 days ago

"High poetry of Russian rock". Yuri Shevchuk and DDT Group. "I got this role"

"Высокая поэзия русского рока". Юрий Шевчук и группа "ДДТ". "Я получил эту роль"


The doubts gnaw us,

I am not happy about these doubts,

This vile load in the chest breaks love.

And while we're sitting and suffering,

whining at the closed gates,

we are already getting the hit in the eye or brow.

Here the slyest ones,

They just don't give a f*ck for a long time,

They mold fast a soft little world,

on their familiar bones.

They just laugh at us,

who are stuck in the foolish passions,

They don't care 'bout anything, no matter mine or yours.

Chorus: x2

I have got this role,

I have drawn a lucky ticket.

We ask the fathers,

but don't get the relief from their right speeches,

We can't get even a partial answer

from the secondhand phrases.

Their hard youth

was spent far away from the things,

The things that overwhelm us over the top.

And when we want so much to shout long and loud,

All the huge kin of ours pleads us to be silent.

And quite often not believing in the decrepit gods,

The sons guzzle away the pi father's awards.

In the rush comes a very lonely night,

The ideas of the third end come, and we can no longer sleep

But next night

We come with the girl who doesn't mind...

And quietly sliding out of bed, a war retreats.

(Chorus) x2

Ephemeral happiness filled the air with a honey,

We glorify a joy of the great work

with the obscure sence.

We glorify a joy of the victories,

At the slightest occasion we're having a feast,

And it's better not to think

That tomorrow will bring after this.

Indifferent dreams, bidding farewell, one by one

Fly away forever, leaving another one.

He is lying and rotting, something yellow pours out of his mouth,

It is just unspent saliva.

The sweetness fed the body,

But soon the term was over,

He invisibly reached the line,

where everything torns in a moment.

And in the frozen eyes,

that looking at the beginnings of roads,

hardened and remained forever the unborn scream:

(Chorus) x4

I've drawn...


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