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11 days ago

🏰The forgotten unusual children's town "Fortress" was built in the 80's in Vinnytsia

Today I was walking with friends and their children, younger children Alice and Yaroslav asked, what kind of ruins are these? The eldest of the children began to tell their versions, and so the version of the elder Ruslan that this fortress was built by the Koriatovychs, princes patrons of Vinnytsia, a miniature copy of the Koriatovych castle, built on High Mountain, for their sons so that they could clearly see all options lock. Danya recalled that he had heard that it was not a fortress, but a Cossack lighthouse of the Hetman's time, which was set on fire to send a signal in case of an enemy attack, and as the level of the Southern Bug fell, he found himself in the city.

Very good options, but have nothing to do with reality.

In fact, these are the remains of a children's town.

The children's town was built like the well-known Vinnytsia walls. Along with swings and carousels, a stone mini-castle was built here.

In the same place there were figures of men with mustaches. Next to it there was a children's cinema-cinema - written off TU-104, which worked on the airlines of Uzbekistan, Georgia and Ukraine.

Chief Engineer of the project Anatoliy Shchutsky. The children's town was owned by the design bureau at the time, the so-called TsIKABIT.

The town of "Fortress" existed during the 80's.

Personally, I do not remember the playground itself, but the fortress itself - yes. I remember how in the junior classes my class and I went for a boat ride to Sabarov, and then came back, just this fortress was nearby, and we played there.

Today, the gaming area has become a wasteland. There are no more swings, carousels or figures here. The only thing left is a part of the children's fortress.