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Mesopotamia civilization

The town is special because it's on a river. What if two rivers flow? More prosperity! The prosperous region where the two rivers flowed is Mesopotamia.

The two rivers are the Euphrates and the Tigris.

The area known as Mesopotamia is present-day Iraq. Called the cradle of civilization. BC People who lived there 3500 years ago specialized in agriculture, art, science, mathematics, writing, clothing, civilization and so on. They separated the sheep and cows and formed flocks. In front of the house grew a tree, plant, vines. Many items were found, including the wheel. The people who lived in this land were Sumerians. Kings and people were believers in God. They believed that the world was flat.

Babylon is a part of Mesopotamia. The most famous of the kings who ruled Babylon was Nebuchadnezzar II.

Who ruled forty years from 605 BC. Creator of the hanging garden, one of the wonders of the Old World. He took the water of the Euphrates River through a chain pump and watered the plants on the terrace. That miracle garden was later destroyed by an earthquake.

Would anyone go to civilization and call it a cradle? The answer, if it appears to anyone, is that Mesopotamia is the cause of all civilizations, as children sleep in cradles and then grow into great human beings. Mesopotamia is very first civilization found in history.

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