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a day ago

These giant seats called "endangered" are based on an orangutan, polar bear, sloth, blue whale and great white shark made from eco-friendly materials. Hefer collaborated with African craft collectives Heart Works and Mielie to translate their ideas into beautiful tactile sculptures using crocheting, felting, embroidery and embroidery.

As trevin McGowan explains, "endangered" was probably the most important project we have produced to date. It covered everything we as a gallery stand for: very original and unique work that has an emotional impact on people; enhances local skills and craftsmanship; finds new applications for traditional crafts; tells a local story about where fragments come from, and sends a powerful message about sustainability and wildlife conservation.

The editions [three of each creature] are almost sold out and have so far raised more than $ 200,000 to protect endangered species through the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation."