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6 days ago

Cryptocurrency and Hollywood: 3 Times TV and Film Just Couldn’t Get it Right (And 3 Times They Did)

It’s not unusual for Hollywood to get things wrong, really, really, wrong. And cryptocurrency serves no exception.

From ‘highschool’ students that are well into their 30’s and the tradition of creating angsty, violent, or tech-filled films that are in no way related to real life, Hollywood has a history of getting some things a bit wrong. If you’ve ever found yourself saying “Ugh, the book was so much better” you may be well aware of just how far off base TV and movies can get.

Cryptocurrency offers no exception to this historical trend of blunders, as most of mainstream Hollywood’s film and TV industry just can’t quite seem to get crypto right. However, as a bitcoin trader, you’ll be pretty familiar with just how far off base they can get. Even if you’re new to the market, spending just a few days on platforms like Bitvavo can easily showcase just how ridiculous these premises are. But, if you’re still questioning what bitcoin is about in the first place, it may be time to turn your attention to the low-budget documentary genre. Because they seem to want to get it right.

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