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5 days ago

Art dealer Denis Savill’s COVID-19 spending spree in Bellevue Hill and Port Douglas

Art dealer Denis Savill has been on a spending spree during COVID-19, snapping up a luxury Sydney apartment at a $1m discount and a Port Douglas escape sight unseen for $420k.

“I’ve lived through Keating’s banana republic and the massive stockmarket crash of ‘87,” says the doyen, who is just weeks away from his 80th birthday.

“I’ve been through these highs and lows — in the good times I pretend I’m a squirrel and put a few nuts away, but now I’m out spending … I decided to let fly in late August and September.”

He’s also splashed $200k on 27 items from the estate of his art collector friend John Schaeffer and artworks including an Arthur Boyd titled ‘Four times a day’, purchased privately from Victoria.

“It has increased in value by 900 per cent since I first owned it,” Savill said


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