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12 days ago

From the Soviet heritage - a man who causes controversy Nikita Khrushchev. The author of the monument on his grave is the sculptor Ernst Unknown. The monument has two sides - black and white, and this raises some questions. And the answer is just in a situation where Nikita Sergeyevich called the work of the sculptor “Unknown Freak” during his lifetime, he completely did not understand this genre of creativity because of his ignorance. When Khrushchev died, Ernst the Unknown was asked to erect a monument to the grave of Nikita Sergeevich. The figure of the former USSR leader was really ambiguous. Sometimes Khrushchev mercilessly executed with one hand, and the other gave alms. If you ever see the grave of Khrushchev at the Novodevichy cemetery in Moscow, you will recognize the author of the sculptural monument and its history. The one that is left to us as a legacy.