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11 days ago

The Light Pillars: Natures Support Beam!

#writing #nature #story #magic #lightrefraction

Light pillars just like any other illusions on this Universe appears so real that a novice would even swear by his life in argument, trying to prove that they're real...

So what are light pillars?

These are simply illusions that appear In the form of a Vertically Oriented Beam of Light.Unlike normal light beams which appear bellow or above it's light source, light pillars are mere reflection of light.

Flat hexagonal crystals of ice scattered and suspended in the the atmosphere has the ability to reflect light Ray's from an external source, such as the Sun or the Moon.

When light from these Sources fall on these suspended crystals, they are instantaneously reflected to other areas in space.

It is the convergence these random reflections that give rise to  light Pillars in a place without a light source.

These pillars can be found in Moscow, Canada and some other places on Earth.

The existence of light Pillars is another prove that what you see is not and can never be, all there is!!

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