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11 days ago


Like Father, Like Daughter

Grace was the only child of her father, Barrister Maxwell, who is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria. She lost her mother when she was 3 years old, with no brother or sister to play and grow up with. Barrister Maxwell loved his late wife so much that he vowed on her grave that he would never get married to any other woman.

True to his words, Barrister Maxwell kept to his word and strived hard to be a father and mother to his only child Grace. He made it a point of duty to read a book to Grace everyday before she went to bed. He always asked of her homework and followed up her academic performance.

In Secondary School, Grace had already turned into a "Book warm". She loved reading and was one of the best in her class due to the way her Dad brought her up. She was addicted to all types of books. She also read Newspapers and magazines.

When she was through with Secondary School and about to enter the University, she told her Dad she would love to study Law. That she would love to be like him. Her Dad smiled and told her "My dear daughter, when I look at you, I see your mother in your eyes. You always remind me of her. She was a strong woman and always went for what she wanted. You can be whatever you want to be in life. You know that whatever decisions you make, I will always support you. I give you my Blessings"

Grace graduated from Law school after spending five years in the university and because of her exceptional performance, she was called to Bar. Before her first day to work, she wore her full regalia and begged her Dad to wear his so she could sit with him and listen to him as he read books to her, the way he has always done when she was a child. The love of a father and daughter....

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