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2 days ago


So many people died, some got extremely sick and some became depressed during the Covid-19 pandemic and global lockdown, this 15 year old kid from Chicago, USA built his own gaming system which allows him to play PS4 games. The kid is obviously gifted, he was doing something constructive, not hanging out on a street corner, getting into trouble.

Building this kind of gaming system is not easy. There is so much terminology you have to learn. You have to make sure that all your parts are compatible and balanced. He did something that they don't teach in school. The average person doesn't know how to build this and he's from the most dangerous city in America where 15 year old kids are being killed frequently.

His creation is awesome but when he decides to go for another build, I wish I could show him something like this because I'm sure he's going to like this. With a more powerful PC parts, this goes for $800 and it will increase the cost of the system. The cheapest you can drive for a gaming rig is like $500.

A 15 year old with some skills, a knack for entertainment and I strongly hope nobody tsteal his idea and make a profit out of it. He bought the parts all by himself doing odd jobs for people in the neighborhood during the pandemic.

This is very important because automation is where the world is moving right now and this young kid is preparing himself. I hope he continues to grow in his interest and hobby and I wish him all the best of luck in his journey as he tries to discover himself and print his name in the sands of time.