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Gordon James Ramsay Jr. OBE, a British celebrity chef born in 1966 in Scotland and grew up in Stratford Upon-Avon. An early career in football(couple of under 14 games at age 12) a trial with Rangers Football Club of Scotland before getting injured in training. But the disappointment in Ibrox the home ground of Rangers FC had made him earn 16 Michelin Stars in total.

Ramsay set up a business inside a London Prison which teaches inmates how to make cakes and pastries; this cakes are then sold to the outside World. A lucrative business which provides the prison with financial supports while also giving the prisoners the culinary skills and work experience they needed in other to get honest livings after their prison sentences.

Giving inmates an opportunity of a second chance in life is a glamorous act, even though most inmates once serving their terms are unable to find jobs as no one would hire them, but we have a man who is tried to change the story and make life a bit more meaningful after jail terms. It is hard to make a difference in this World, but we must never fail to acknowledge those are trying in every possible means.

Prison inmates in Norway builds Kitchens and then they are allowed to go assemble them at the customers address - Patrick Doyle

Probably Gordon Ramsay started that movement, but the question of how hygienically certified food handlers these inmates are and their premises of preparation because several prisons are not so healthy here in Africa talk less of producing consumable products in there. Best guess is that, the Su-chef Gordon Ramsay will handle all that carefully and strategically.

A brilliant concept from someone who had failed to run restaurants successfully in his earlier endeavors, he could only make Chef at Cactus Club Cafe owned by one Richard Jaffray with Stanley fuller. He failed because people do not come to the restaurant for it's healthy meals back then but they come with the hope to pick up girls in "Mini skirts and heels", "half naked" ladies to wet the men's pants at nights. Pity Ramsay's cactus club cafe couldn't supply any of this semi naked women and this shut him out or work.

Today, he is one of the most Celebrated chef in the World and he once made $60 Million in earnings yearly. There is always a silver lining around the corner; only if we are patients to get to the edge of corner!