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5 days ago

Vladimir Menshov - people's artist of the RSFSR, famous Russian film actor, film Director, screenwriter, producer - September 17, he turns 81 years old.

Vladimir Valentinovich Menshov was born on September 17, 1939 in Baku. In 1965, he graduated from the Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow art Theater school. After graduating from the Studio, he went to work in Stavropol. Until 1966, he worked there as a drama theater actor, but he was no longer interested in an acting career, by which time he discovered a great interest in directing, and especially in movies. Menshov met with a great authority in the then cinema, Director M. Romm, showed him his literary experiences, and M. Romm took the young actor immediately to the 2nd year of the directing faculty of VGIK, specially inventing for Menshov a "postgraduate course in directing a feature film", where He was enrolled. He was probably the only graduate student in the world who struggled to become a student during all 3 years of study (1967-1970), because the graduate school did not give a diploma and did not allow him to remove academic papers, but Menshov remained only with a certificate of graduation From VGIK. In 1970-76, he worked at the Mosfilm, Lenfilm and Odessa film studios. He made a short educational work, a full-length documentary for the 50th anniversary of VGIK, wrote the script "it is Necessary to prove", this script was very interested in theater Directors Yu.Lyubimov, R. Sturua, 3. Korogodsky, but the censorship imposed a firm ban. Menshov made a very free dramatization of the novel by M. Shaginyan "Mess-mend", and it was staged in the Leningrad youth Theater, commissioned by Lenfilm, he wrote the script" I serve on the border". At the same time, his acting career in films began. He then became a Director of the Mosfilm film Studio. In 2009, he gained an acting and directing workshop in VGIK. Played in the play "Love. Letters " on the stage of the Pushkin Theater with his wife Vera Alentova. In total, he performed 171 works in the cinema. For excellence in creative work awarded by the state. award of the RSFSR named after N. Krupskaya for the film "Raffle" (1976) and state. the USSR prize for the film "Moscow does not believe in tears "(1979), received the Academy Award in the category" Best foreign language film "in 1981 for the film" Moscow does not believe in tears". Awarded the order of merit for the Fatherland, III and IV degrees. He is the winner of the VKF in Alma-ATA in the category" Prizes for acting " for 1973. He received the Golden eagle award (2013) as the best actor of the 2nd plan in the film "Legend # 17". V. Menshov is married to actress Vera Alentova, honored artist of the Russian Federation, a daughter was born to actress and TV presenter Yulia Menshova (1969), son-in-law actor Igor Gordin, grandchildren Andrey (1997) and Taisiya (2003).

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