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Peter Falk is a popular American film actor – September 16 is his 93rd birthday.

Full name Peter Michael Falk was born on September 16, 1927 in new York city to a Jewish family with Polish and Russian roots, who owned a store. As a child, Peter's Parents managed and lived well — even during the great depression. When Peter was 3 years old, doctors found a malignant tumor in the boy's right eye and the eye had to be removed. The operation was successful, he successfully graduated from high school, in 1945 entered College in new York, but survived only a month. After unsuccessfully trying to break into the military, Peter Falk got a job in the merchant Navy, where no one cared whether you were blind or sighted. After 1.5 years in the merchant Navy, he attended new York University, then studied social relations at another University. After various adventures in Europe, he returned and studied Economics at Syracuse University. After graduation, he became a real estate expert in the city of Hartford and... he joined an Amateur theater company. He took acting classes in Westport and new York. In 1956, he made his debut in Moliere's don Juan. He got his first role on Broadway in the play "Saint John". Since 1957, Falk began to appear on television. He won an Emmy award for his show "the Price of Tomatoes". In the 50s, he started acting in films. In the early 60s, for his roles in the films "Corporation murder" and "a Handful of miracles", he was nominated for an Oscar as the best actor of the 2nd plan. Peter Falk received worldwide fame, fame and recognition for his work in the TV series "Colombo" (1968-2003). P. Falk was married to Shera Danese in 1977-2011. In recent years, the actor has suffered from Alzheimer's disease. He passed away on June 23, 2011 in Beverly hills at the age of 83.

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