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Mickey Rourke - one of the most infamous Hollywood movie actors - September 16, he turns 68 years old.

Mickey Rourke, full name Philip Andre Rourke, Jr., was born on September 16, 1952 in Miami, Florida to a Catholic family with Irish and French roots. His parents separated when Mickey was 7 years old. He was involved in baseball and Boxing in his youth,but he was not a bully. Rourke attended high school and the drama class of the legendary acting teacher. Played At the University of Miami in the play "High supervision". In 1975, at the age of 22, he broke with his previous lifestyle, ran away to new York and entered the Lee Strasberg acting Studio. For Rourke, acting remained a desperation, a surge of energy, a salvation from the nastiness of the world around him. In the early 80's, he moved to Los Angeles, where he quickly made a career, achieving success. His debut was the film "body Fever". He was described as the new de Niro and a serious competitor to Nicholson. He became a sexual idol. The 80s were the time of its heyday. In the early 90's, Rourke became disillusioned with the profession, he could not accept the fact that art should obey the laws of business, and returned to Boxing. For 5 years, he fought in the ring in Europe and Asia, finishing 10 fights with a win and 2 in a draw. But when Rourke stopped Boxing, he couldn't find a job, and then came a difficult time. The media has seriously damaged his reputation. Mickey was perceived as a talented but difficult actor. The producers and Directors didn't want to take any chances. Rourke works according to the Stanislavsky method, on the set he completely reincarnates. In total, he played 71 film roles during his career. M. Rourke received the Golden globe Award (2008), the BAFTA award (2008), the Sputnik award (2008). M. Rourke is married twice and divorced twice. He was married to Debra Feuer (1981-1989) and Carrie Otis (1992-1998).

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