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B. B. King - legendary guitarist-vocalist, composer and King of the Blues-on September 16, he celebrates his 95th birthday.

Real name Riley B. King, he was born on September 16, 1925 in Itta Bena, Mississippi to albert king. Like many black boys, he sang in the Church choir and taught himself to play the guitar. At the age of 12, he became the owner of the first acoustic guitar. At 18, Riley moved to Greenwood, where he began playing in a local band, but was soon drafted into the U.S. army and served until the end of world war 2. After the war, he returned to his native land and in his spare time from hard work on the farm, young Riley played for real pennies for passers-by, and at night arranged street concerts. In 1947, Riley moved to the famous musical Memphis to continue his musical career. In Memphis, he teamed up with his cousin Bucca White, the famous Blues performer and music guru of the future king of the Blues, B. B. king. In those years, the young Blues singer had an idol for the rest of his life – it was already the famous Frank Sinatra, older than Riley by 10 years. Sinatra's songwriting has always inspired Riley. A year later, Riley was successful on the radio in Memphis, he needed a pseudonym. And with the light hand of the radio host, his creative nickname became Blues Boy King or B. B. King for short. The first recording of B. B. king's Miss Martha King was released in 1949. B. B. king assembled his first band, calling it very modestly by his name B. B. King Review. And the first thing he did in his band was go back to Blues improvisation. Gradually, B. B. king achieved success with his performances not only in small clubs, but also large concerts in many cities in the United States. In 1956, B. B. king became a sought-after musician, and in just a year he participated in almost 350 concerts. In 1968, his famous song Thrill Is Gone, reached number 3 in the American Blues charts, and subsequently king received a Grammy for it in the category "Best male R&B vocal performance". In 1980, the Blues hall of fame opened, and the musician was immediately honored to get there. 7 years later, B. B. king was inducted into the rock and roll Hall of fame. In the last decades of his career, B. B. king stopped recording albums and switched to collaborating with other musicians. The best example was the collaboration of two kings of the Blues, black and white, the American BB king and the British Eric Clapton. B. B. king has recorded 43 solo albums, the last of which is dated 2008, and released 14 video albums. And his music became the basis for the work of dozens of famous guitarists around the world, and especially for Jimmy page and George Harrison in his solo work. B. B. king is ranked 3rd among the 100 greatest guitarists of all time. B. B. king was married twice to Martha Denton (1946-1952), and to Carol Hall (1958-1966), with whom he had a daughter, Shirley king. But the busy tour schedule had a disastrous effect on his family life, his relationships with women were a familiar occupation for him during the tour, according to his personal calculations, he became a father more than 10 times. His shortcomings, in addition to his passion for women, were a pernicious love of gambling. At his concerts, B. B. king often talked to the audience about life, joked with youthful mischief and dedicated ballads to the beautiful ladies in the hall. Until his last days on stage, The king of the Blues remained a mischievous conversationalist beyond his years. His hobby was flying an airplane, and he had a pilot's license since 1963. But after reaching 70 years, the bluesman no longer flew. King of the Blues BB king died on may 14, 2015 at the age of 90 in Las Vegas.

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