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4 days ago

Important announcement! Take it with all seriousness!

Hi, everyone!

You have probably already read this post by @marina. I want to thank everyone users of Community Cars. This is one of the best communities in Commun! We did it all together! Thank you.

I am sure you do not want this community to be downgraded. That's why I want to ask all of you to publishing a good content. Copy - Paste is not allowed. This is the only way we can make this community attractive.

I want to warn everyone - the posts of all those who have a reputation as a Spammer, who does Copy - Paste, will hide from the show.

Do you like Cars? Then show it! I am sure you have something to share with the community.

If you have any ideas how to make the community better, write about it in the comments.

Once again I thank all those who publish quality content. Thank you.

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