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9 days ago

Agatha Christie's novel "Ten Little Indians" was renamed to "There Were Ten."

Agatha Christie's novel "Ten Little Indians" has changed its official title to "There Were Ten."

This decision was made by the great-grandson of the writer James Pritchard, one of the copyright holders of her work: "Agatha Christie wrote this book for the entertainment of people. And she would not like that this name can offend anyone now. In 2020, you should not use terms that can insult someone. " According to him, at the time of writing the book, a different, "long forgotten" vocabulary was in use. And he doesn't want the title of the novel to shock people.

The novel "Ten Little Indians" was first published in 1939 and became one of the most famous works of Agatha Christie. In the UK many years he published under the title "Ten Little Niggers", while in the US the name was originally changed to "And Then There Were None" ( "And no one was").

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