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3 days ago

Recipe road test: Classic Blackberry Pie from "Pie Camp"

I think I've dog-eared pretty much every page in my early copy of Kate McDermott's upcoming cookbook, Pie Camp: The Skills You Need to Make Any Pie You Want. There are so many recipes I want to try, and so many skills I want to learn or improve on. Pie Camp is truly the shelf staple for anyone who loves pie, whether you're a beginner needing to learn it all or a pastry whiz looking for new variations and creative ideas to try.

First off, McDermott is an excellent teacher. Her instructions are clear, the photographs are beautiful yet still look achievable, and she has a relaxed style that takes the stress out of baking, even if it's all new to you.

The first (of many) recipes I decided to make from Pie Camp was the Classic Blackberry Pie, but using the substitution option. What can I say? I had some beautiful blueberries and in the recipe intro McDermott says if you don't have blackberries you can use raspberries, blueberries, even elderberrries (!). Sometimes the best recipes are the ones that let you use what you've got.

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