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5 days ago

Don't Look for Me by Wendy Walker

Wendy Walker has a knack for dropping ordinary, suburban families into life-altering, mettle-testing scenarios in her novels. In Don't Look for Me, the Clarkes were an ordinary family until the death of nine year old Annie left them too shattered by anger, guilt, and estrangement to heal. So when Molly Clarke's Audi is found abandoned on a rural highway with a note left in a nearby hotel room that says that she's moving on and doesn't want her family to pursue her, all but her teenage daughter Nic acquiesce quickly to her wishes. Narrated by Nic and Molly in alternating chapters, readers will see what really happened to Molly and get swept up in the desperate momentum and agonizing suspense Walker creates, knowing how high the stakes are for Nic’s search, wondering if, in the face of grief and gaslighting, a tenacious daughter will be able to bring her mother home. —Vannessa Cronin

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