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12 days ago

Payments in crypto or … too soon

Dear Commun users!

It’s great to see you interested in our #cryptoquestionsanswered!

According to the rules, you can participate in this challenge with any questions that you have on topics related to crypto and blockchain! Please, pay attention to the tags you put. We need both hashtags #cryptoquestionsanswered #somethingexplained (change “something” for the topic of your questions) in English to find your posts on a platform!

And now … we are tremendously happy to announce the winners!

It’s @captainphilips who gets 10000 Cryptocurrency points with this question: https://commun.com/cryptocurrency/@captainphilips/1600190311

And it’s @stivemorgan gets 10000 Cryptocurrency points with the most valued comment to this question: https://commun.com/cryptocurrency/@chainlink/1600091841

Congratulations to @captainphilips, @stivemorgan!

Many thanks to all who participated in the challenge:

@captainphilips, @oksi.kross, @marina, @leonid, @odri, @georgina, @myway, @marinavladi, @nightwind, @chainlink, @stivemorgan, @leon, @parfenov, @alexey27, @markuss, @ella98.

Our new day of #cryptoquestionsanswered has already started (at midday GMT), so participate! The details of the challenge you could find here: https://commun.com/askcommun/@support/1596541518.

Check the question of the winner! Learn and get smarter!

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