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21 days ago

Dear creators!

Another day of our #creatorchallenge is over! We got 33 works from you! Thanks a lot for them!

According to the rules, you can participate in this challenge with your own works only! Please, pay attention to the tags you put. We need both hashtags #creatorchallenge #originalwork in English to find your posts on a platform! We are missing the screenshots of the links from your posts on Commun (you are kindly asked to share links to your works on any other your social accounts and put the screenshots in the comments to you posts, please, add them!

Please, post your works to the relevant communities in order to participate - we would love to see your photos for the challenge in the Photo and Photographer communities (https://commun.com/photographer, https://commun.com/photo), your artworks in the Art community (https://commun.com/art), your videos in the Videos community (https://commun.com/videos), and your music works in the Music (https://commun.com/music), and your stories to Cool Story (https://commun.com/cool-story).

Those of you who are good at making songs, video, writing stories, or at making dolls, we encourage you to participate. One place in this challenge is reserved for you 🙂! Based on what we see now one place is to be reserved for photographers!

Please, everybody, pay attention, if you invite to Commun any artist or musician, or illustrator, or doll maker, or photographer, or any other creator, and your invitee wins our #creatorchallenge for the first time (1 or 2 place) you are rewarded as well in the same amount as she/he after proving us that the creator was brought by you (she/he should be among your saved souls, so you will have to post a screenshot in the comments under our daily announcement of winners). Look around you, check your Twitter or Instagram, or Facebook, or VK and invite creators to Commun!

And now … we are tremendously happy to announce the winners of today:

The first prize - 25000 Art points - goes to @valerosha-777 for the work: https://commun.com/art/@valerosha-777/1595534341

The second prize - 20000 Photo points - goes to @stray for the work: https://commun.com/photo/@stray/1595518330

Congratulations to @valerosha-777, @stray!

Many thanks to all of you who posted your works for the #creatorchallenge: @bovary, @sensualcontent, @romanskv, @jurgan1982, @dayton.kortz, @notochka, @nastasya, @leylar, @bumerang, @yana.leon, @viktoria20, @irvis, @stray, @marsikus, @xutpbiu-kot, @marussska, @leylar, @blogin, @bumerang, @asya, @boleslav

Guys, @jadeaca, @bogdan.on, @igor.korytnikov, @coubeast, @galatova.fit, @zither, @yaroslava, @aidarazzaghi, check this post. We would be glad if you decided to participate in the #creatorchallenge!

Our new day of #creatorchallenge has already started (at midday GMT), so participate! The details of the challenge you could find here: https://commun.com/askcommun/@support/1590151117.

Enjoy the work of the winner of today!