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a month ago

Hi everybody!

Do you remember about our #savedsouls competition?

It’s just a quick reminder to all of you who managed to invite others to Commun 🙂!

As we mentioned earlier, from this week we will reward anybody who brings 2+ living and breathing persons to Commun and let us know about it (!). Anybody with 2-3 saved souls will get 20 CMN tokens, with 4-5 - 50 CMN tokens, with 6-7 - 80 CMN tokens, with 8-10 - 120 CMN tokens, and with more than 11 - 500 CMN tokens.

If you want to participate in the #savedsouls competition, please do the following until midnight (GMT):

1. Make sure that your saved souls from this week (from Monday 25th of May till Sunday 31st of May) are capable of introducing themselves, of setting up their profiles and of leading meaningful conversations, that means commenting on posts

2. Make a post to Hello community on Saturday/Sunday with a screenshot of your “Saved souls” tab with pictures of the souls saved by you during a week, tag in your post those whom you have brought to the platform, add a hashtag #savedsouls to your post

The winners will be chosen from those of you who will make the #savedsouls posts 🙂: @alexchugoi, @user, @now, @epidemia, @kaplan, @lomashuk, @institutdpos, @marina, @cyberinvest, @makemistakes, @yegor11, @irak23, @commun.official, @cookingoffroad, @d0ct0ebcknn, @shtefan-daily, @diana-king, @btsfav, @fainder, @catraed, @deggget, @anneq, @token, @kevz, @cryptoemcee, @nickshtefan, @nims55, @amarrannta, @cryptohamster, @colintalkscrypto, @pathfinder, @zhelezka, @smolalit, @agorise, @axrbarsic, @benfra, @matvei, @leylar, @guessnick, @polym0rph, @altaimen, @cryptoiska, @vamp8, @bigbluewhale, @butros-butros, @planetmarketers,, @jerrys, @suelinfranceschi, @maxer27, @capri, @mokoshan