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a month ago

Dear creators!

You make each and every of our days! We got 36 works from you! Evidently, the sun is shining and some of you prefer to enjoy it wholeheartedly!

We would nevertheless recommend you to post up to 5 works daily for this challenge. The more the better is not the best approach in this case!

Please, pay attention to the tags you put. We need both hashtags #creatorchallenge #originalwork in English to find your posts on a platform! We want kindly to remind you to put the screenshots of the links that you share to other platforms in the comments to you posts. We would appreciate it tremendously!

Those of you who are good at making songs, video, writing stories, or at making dolls, we encourage you to participate. One place in this challenge is reserved for you 🙂!

And now … we are tremendously happy to announce the winners:

The first prize - 25000 Photo points - goes to @leylar for the work:

The second prize - 20000 Art points - goes to @alicemaycry for the work:

Congratulations to @leylar, @alicemaycry!

Many thanks to all of you who posted your works for the #creatorchallenge: @fotokdr, @romanskv, @fractal, @adelepazani, @lesyuk.polina, @alicemaycry, @wintersky, @fotokdr, @tudorcatalin, @danish, @leylar, @an-ll, @captainphilips

Our new day of #creatorchallenge has already started (at midday GMT), so participate!The details of the challenge you could find here:

Enjoy the work of the winner!