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2 months ago

Hi everybody!

Today is a day of big announcements 🙂!

First, traditionally we want to say hello to all new users on Commun! We are glad to meet you here, hope you will have a really good time, find interesting topics and extraordinary people on our platform. If you need any information, you can find it in this community. Start with this post, please,!

Second, we want to announce the results of the #savedsouls competition. To our astonishment many of you are quite skilled technically. Thank you for the insights! We are adjusting the program based on our discoveries 🙂!

As we want as many of you as possible to get rewards, we decided to make some corrections. So, from this week we will reward anybody who brings 2+ living and breathing persons to Commun and lets us know about it. Anybody with 2-3 saved souls will get 20 CMN tokens, with 4-5 - 50 CMN tokens, with 6-7 - 80 CMN tokens, with 8-10 - 120 CMN tokens, and with more than 11 - 500 CMN tokens.

However, in order for us to be good at evaluating your performance we kindly ask you to do the following if you want to participate in this competition:

1. Make sure that your saved souls are capable of introducing themselves, of setting up their profiles and of leading meaningful conversations, that means commenting on posts

2. Make a post to Hello community ( on Saturday/Sunday with a screenshot of your “Saved souls” tab with pictures of the souls saved by you during a week, tag in your post those whom you have brought to the platform, add a hashtag #savedsouls to your post

The winners will be chosen among those of you who will make the #savedsouls posts 🙂.

And now it’s time for the pleasant moment of announcing last week winners.... Congratulations to @epidemia and @marina (unfortunately, the difference between these two and the others was too big).

Hope, our new rules will allow most of you to get rewards. Even if you are not participating in the #savedsouls competition do not forget you are benefiting from bringing friends to Commun (you get 1 CMN for each new user and 5% from his/her purchases here).

Third, we want to present you a recipient of our grant of 5000 CMN tokens for community launch (#communitygrant). It’s @institutdpos and we expect BSV Community to appear on Commun soon. This Community will be brought to Commun by Back2Satoshi (, a new venture aiming to advance blockchain commerce in developing world by exploring innovative payment solutions powered by Bitcoin SV protocol.

Congratulations to you and your team, @institutdpos!

The rules of our #communitygrant program stay unchanged, so we encourage you to apply for grants during this week:

Everybody enjoy your stay on Commun!

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