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2 months ago

Hi newcomers!

Have a great day on Commun! You can find plenty of information in our posts here. However, pay special attention to this one from @marina and - if you are a creator - make sure to learn about our #creatorchallenge!

Pick up communities according to your personal interests and start posting or commenting, or just scroll and like the cute, cool and terrific posts on Commun, and if you like something very much, donate!

We would appreciate it tremendously if you read the rules of the communities that specify language, content, etc. Those who want to use Russian, check Internet community The posts that violate the rules are banned by the leaders. Ladies and gentlemen who have a special interest in hot boys/girls, please, subscribe to Porn and NSFW communities,

Please, make sure to stay active on Commun as the rewards accrued to you are paid only when you do something - like, post, comment - in the communities that you chose to follow.

Have fun on Commun! Do not forget to introduce yourself here, if you want others to learn more about you.

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