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2 months ago

Hi newcomers!

We are delighted to welcome you here! Some of you have started posting and commenting already, some not yet! But we would love to see you all enjoying as much as we do.

It’s a great place as it let you monetise your activities on social media platform. How? Easily, first, in each community there are rewards for the top posts distributed to creators and curators (these are people who like and discuss posts) on a daily basis. Then there are donations paid to you by those who appreciate your works. They are made in the community points as well on a daily basis. When you make any action in the chosen community - you post, like, dislike, or comment - you get payouts due to you :) (if there are any).

What else can you do here? You can set up your own community and invite to it everybody whom you know or who shares your interest in some specific topic. While launching your community you are issuing your own tokens (community points) the value of which depends on the success of your community. Check our grant program, if you want to set it up ASAP :) If you want to understand better community stuff, read posts from our CTO. You can easily earn or buy the amount needed to launch your community (check you ‘Wallet' tab).

We also have a great referral program (check your 'Saved souls’ tab), and a competition going on (more information is here!

Please, read these two articles from our CTO, if you want to understand better what Commun is and how it functions, including everything about communities:,!

You intro posts will get a very warm welcome in community, if you want to let us know who you are!

Make your stay on Commun unforgettable, to be compared later with what some great Dutch masters did!

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