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3 months ago

Hi! 😎

My name is Nick. I’m CTO of Commun/, and I start a series of posts about the technical and economical aspects of our platform!

Write in the comments, what you’d like to learn about the platform mechanics in the first place.

Today, before deep-diving into the details, I’d like to give an example of how the community can work.

🤝 Commun/ aims for the creation and spreading of goods for every participant of the online community, dividing proportionally the share of ownership of the particular community and Commun/ in general. Almost all modern startups successfully implement this principle, when owners and employees share the stake between them during the fundraising.

Commun/ is a platform or, if you like, a set of tools, principles, and ideas for the creation of a thematic or business community.

Let’s imagine that someone (let’s call him Nick) is very interested in a particular theme. Let’s imagine he’s a gardener 👨🏻‍🌾. Unfortunately for Nick, he lives in the city. He grows tomatoes and peppers on his balcony, and his friends don’t really share his interests, they only eat his tomatoes and can't (and don’t really want to) do anything apart from praising him and think of him as a weirdo.

At some point he decides to share his gained knowledge and experience with other gardeners,discuss the methods of growing plants, learn some tricks, talk about fertilizers and so on. This information might be helpful to other gardeners, maybe less experienced ones, or experienced gardeners might help Nick to increase his crop.

Nick has already had experience in successful communication with people on the internet and decides to set up his own online community on Commun/ called “Gardeners”. He understands that his knowledge has a value, thus when creating the community he reserves Commun/ tokens and creates Gardener Points. This way Nick becomes an investor and creator of the community, owning 100% of the stake of Gardeners Community 👨🏻‍🌾🧑🏽‍🌾👩🏿‍🌾👩🏻‍🌾

To attract users to the community, he publishes interesting materials and shares links to other sources. Step-by-step other gardeners join his community, but the majority only read the stuff that Nick posts. Being rational, Nick wants other users to share their experience, bring information from other sources and to leave comments. In other words, do everything that he does. In the better world, it’s known that all the work should be paid for 💸.

The good news is that Commun/ has already provided the mechanics for this, which allow Nick to reward members of his community in just one click. All he needs to do is to upvote their posts or leave comments. In this case, depending on how Nick set up his community during creation, new Points are created and part of the ownership share of the community is transferred to the user whose content Nick rated (and got rewards for that as well).

Big share is a big responsibility. Besides everything, Nick has to be a leader of the community, moderate content, and make sure that the distribution of shares sufficiently motivates users to participate in the activities of the community. Even though he gets rewards for all this work, it’s pretty difficult to do alone. There are for sure some people in the community that could help Nick with such duties. However, only members of the community should decide who's going to be those other leaders. Mechanics of the leaders' selection embedded in Commun/ will help the community to choose other leaders. They, in turn, get rewards as well if doing their work honestly and correctly.

Through getting the share of the community, the user becomes more motivated in sharing the useful information (that he/she gains in personal experience) and links to other sources, and in commenting on each other's posts, continually increasing the value of the community. Not only Nick but other members as well participate in the activities of the community, Nick can’t govern it by himself and in fact, it doesn’t belong to him only, but to everyone who creates and ranges the content. Thus the community becomes more and more decentralized.

📈During this time, the community has been growing, filling up with the content, and becoming popular among people united by a common interest. All the information is available for everyone because it’s not a private club.

Eventually, this community attracts advertisers, as all their potential customers are in one place. It’s beneficial for users too (oh my, really?).

This is why it is. All the advertisers place Commun/ tokens (which they need to purchase on the exchange provider or from the Commun/ itself) in the reserve of the community for the placement of their ads. However, unlike users (who are contributors), advertisers don’t get the share of the community, they only increase the value of it. It turns out that it’s a win-win situation - the advertiser gets new clients, the value of the community increases and every shareholder of the community gets more value for the same amount of Points he/she has.

With this example, I wanted to tell you in simple words about the potential scenario of the development of the community with an embedded economy. Of course, it’s just one of the potential ways, and might be quite optimistic. It’s possible that there’ll be some users who’d try to use this system maliciously. Yet we provide the ability to regulate emerging issues by the users themselves, which makes everything more social (or maybe even more humane). 🤖Algorithms only provide the service.