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4 days ago

Less but better

Dear Commun users!

I would love to talk about Commun communities today.

When we launched the first version of Commun, it was impossible to create a community there. As we wanted users to post to Commun we created 53 communities for them. The topics were chosen based on a list of popular Reddit groups.

We issued Community Points for these communities by using 50 000 CMNs as the collateral for each of them. And let them go.

Now, after a while, we see that some communities are popular among the users, have leaders who do their job, and are growing in terms of content and user base. Unfortunately, there are other communities that do not bring value to Commun, have an extremely low number of subscribers and views, non-performing leaders who let the spam thrive, and too many “miners” who are interested in getting rewards only.

When the functionality of launching communities appeared we have noticed that the users' communities perform much better than those that were created by us. The creators and leaders of former communities put an effort in attracting users, moderating content, etc.

Taking this all into consideration, we decided to make changes. The following measures will be applied within 24 hours to the pre-launched communities that show the worst results in terms of the number of views per post to the number of users (these communities are not popular among the users and bring benefit mainly to “miners”; see communities in red):

- the CMNs put as the collateral by us will be removed, consequently, an exchange rate of Community Points will fall;

- these communities will not be displayed in Trending;

- these communities will be excluded from the list of communities to choose from during registration.

These measures will allow us to direct user attention to thriving communities and to promote users' communities during onboarding.

It’s important to understand that no one can remove these communities and their content from blockchain. After withdrawal of CMNs these communities will continue to exist. They will simply become less attractive to “miners”. Consequently, if later someone decides to become a leader and grow them, she/he will be able to purchase Community Points easily and restart them.


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