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13 days ago

Dear Commun users!

As angels need wings, so posts need titles!

Today I would like to inform you about an update that soon (very soon!) will be available on Commun (first on web, then on mobile apps) - the titles.

When we started developing Commun / we wanted to give users the easiest way of creating content like in Instagram. Beta version was launched 8+ months ago, and now we are confident that it’s necessary to introduce “Titles” for further development of the project to improve indexing and site search. @jurgan1982 also wrote about this.

Titles are a standard part of any post on Reddit, 9gag, Pikabu, and other similar resources, so this functionality should be fairly familiar to users and shouldn't make much more difficult content creation. However, a bit of attention is required from the user.

First of all, a title should convey a clear message about the content of the post. It should be concise, contain no more than 10 words, and it should be easy to read and easy to understand. If each of you will make titles following these rules, we can significantly improve SEO and increase organic traffic to Commun.

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