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2 months ago

I have a confession to make. I am an art/ design/ crafts/ poetry/ diy/ tech and much more lover ❤️.

I am the one who can wander through art halls for hours, watch craftsmen working in rural villages, design and redesign the apartments I live in, read stories and poems through the night, adjust my mood by turning on the right song, experiment with new gadgets and novel software, talk endless to people who are passionate about what they do.

I believe that everybody has talents. I appreciate a lot those people who put an effort and develop their talents. And I think that they have to be rewarded! Not just once when somebody buys something from them, or when somebody asks them to advertise a perfume or a toothpaste or anything else.

The creators should be rewarded permanently (🧧) especially when they do something good for public, like posting their paintings, or photographs for everybody to enjoy, or uploading their videos, coubs, or memes to entertain others, or programming a piece of open source software, or publishing their poems, or sharing a secret of how to make the best lemon tart or to knit the coolest hat, etc.

And Commun is the best place for you, creators! Why? As we make it possible for you to get donations here for everything that you do eternally. You have not misheard me.

Everyone of you is building her/his personal gallery on Commun that is open to public to enjoy and to donate in the years to come. You can put on show everything that you are proud of or not yet sure proud or not: post your stories, poems, recipes, upload your photos, illustrations and paintings, provide links to your videos and podcasts, to your tutorials, songs or to your open source code. In the days, months and years to come new and new people will find your works here, browse through them, like them and donate to you (or your descendants) as much as they can (a point for one of your drawings from to-be-the-next-Picasso might be more valuable in several years than 1 000 points from me now, if he later mentions you among his inspirations)!

So, posting to Commun you ensure a constant stream of funds to you. If later you become one of the acclaimed painters or developers you might suddenly find lots of donations pouring to you for your early works (we all know that it’s hard to get the deserved attention from the first day of your “I am the creator” journey).

If you are a newcomer or a creator who takes the first steps on Commun, it’s easier to start posting to the most relevant community/ies here, as in this case you will find yourself in the company of those who share your interest/s and might give you advice or admire your work. Do not be afraid to post to different communities as your personal gallery is your profile where one can find everything that you do on Commun.

If you are a creator who has admirers (or followers), first think about inviting them to Commun as there is a great referral program here (you get 1 CMN for each your invitee and 5% from all her/his purchases on Commun and a competition going on, check Then think about launching your own community as doing so in addition to donations you might gain from having a stack of your own community points.

How? Easily, if your followers join your community on Commun they might buy your community points to send you donations and they might enable you to get benefits from placing ads on your community feed. In contrast to traditional social media platforms like YouTube, Telegram, Instagram, and others the whole community gains from the ads on Commun as an advertiser buys and burns community points to place them thus driving higher the price of the community points. So, everybody who holds points wins in this situation. But, please, keep in mind that communities on Commun are groups where people interact with each other discussing the issues relevant to the group topic.

If you do not have many of your own followers yet but want to benefit from setting up a community, cooperate with other Commun creators who share your passion and specialise, for example, launch a community of monochrome photos, or haiku poems, or urban architecture, or Python language, etc. (do not forget about our grant program, check

In addition to everything described you get another nice treat here 🍀. You might have noticed that everyday there are rewards for the top posts in each community in points. These rewards go to creators and curators (those who like, or comment the posts). So, this makes it profitable for your peers and your followers to interact with you and appreciate, discuss your work on regular basis.

Everything except for the ad system is already available on Commun. What will come afterwards? We want to discuss it with you. We have in mind the following features for creators: recurring donations to creators on weekly, or monthly, or yearly basis via subscriptions, market place of digital goods and licenses, paid access to content, paid community membership. Your views on this topic will be highly appreciated.

In terms of source of funding we will make it possible for everybody to buy CMN tokens using her/his Visa/Master cards (now you can buy them for crypto). In terms of withdrawals we are working on this feature right now. Every CMN holder should be able to exchange these tokens to other cryptocurrencies and to fiat money. We are in talks with some crypto exchanges, and the prerequisite for CMN listing is a strong community support for Commun, that means your support in the first place, dear creators!

Writing about creative works I have to refer to the copyright regulations. Please, remember that everybody who creates is protected by law. Build your gallery using your own works or by giving credit to the rightful owners and providing links if possible.

I admire all of you a lot and want to mention some in this post, as I would love them to be followed by as many people as possible 😉: @fractal, @romanskv, @maxbokhan, @miraa, @suelinfranceschi, @adelepazani, @bumerang, @boddhisattva, @leylar, @tudorcatalin, @amidabudda, @engine9, @dashand, @an-li, @svinsent, @axrbarsic, @naturecreations, @poesie, @irinadob550, @smolalit, @liviox, @litulupenko, @sachinhegale, @tastybite, @alena-vladi, @captainphilips, @d0ct0ebcknn, @alex, @rumiletta, @kaplan, @scottcbusiness, @colintalkscrypto, @gerardgott, @murfaye, @mrsyabro, @sergiy, @altaimen, @zxcat,, @shtefan-daily, @institutdpos.

If you have any questions, ask me! Enjoy your stay on Commun 🥳! Let others learn about it if you like it!

P.S. If you could give me a hand translating this post to other languages as my German, French, and Spanish are not good enough and others are non-existent, I would be very grateful for that!