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15 days ago

Application for #Community Grant Program

Community: Real Estate (Недвижимость)

Description: Every person at least once in his or her life faces the question of buying, selling, exchanging or renting an apartment. Many people, starting to deal with this issue, do not know where to start and how to do it correctly, because there is a certain fear that they can be deceived. It is very important to know what set of documents is required in certain cases, what the procedure is, which real estate agency to contact with. How to choose a developer correctly, whether to prefer secondary housing or choose a new building - all these questions concern much. The difficulty lies in the fact that the real estate sector is in constant motion: prices change, documents required for a particular procedure also change as well as the stages of preparations. Taking all these facts into consideration, I think that the community that helps people to find answers to these questions will find its place on Commun and will be interesting to many people. I will be pleased to hear your comments.

Language: Russian, English

Leader: @lazy

Contribution: 5000 CMN

#community #application

@marina, @anneq