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14 days ago

Can you please stop encouraging spammers? Will you please stop supporting users that do not respect this platform?


Why should you like/upvote a spammer? Someone who deliberately post wrongly in a wrong Channel? Why do you support their disrespect and disregard for a community? When you like their posts, you support their bad habit and they even earn more points over users that are adhering to all the rules of engagement.

Do you celebrate bad habits? If No, then you must stop encouraging users who deliberately do the following:

1) Post in wrong channels.

2) Post same articles or links in multiple channels.

3) Users who disrespects community rules.

4) Anyone who posts in different languages different from the language a community accepts.

5) Anyone who posts same pictures, photos, videos just to game the reward system.

6) All forms of spamming.

Downvote them after warning them and they continue doing it, If we do not take care of this platform it’s going to get much worse later on. Stop supporting any form of community disrespect!

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