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13 days ago

Who’s fault is it when Users spam and post irrelevant things in a channel? The COMMUNITY CREATORS/LEADERS OR THE USERS?


We can only make Commun better together regardless of when you join and how actively you use it, so the Commun team can’t be chaperoning what people are posting and how they post it.

Many users now abuse the Art, DIY, Knitting channels posting random things off the internet without even a caption or their thoughts on the art posted. In the politics/news/crypto channels you can’t just drop links and go off, you just add descriptions and headlines so that anyone interested would revert back to those external page to read in full, and I believe same thing should apply to other channels.

Posting none thematical content in a channel confused other users and I believed I have fall victim to that in some channels when I see what people post and I do the same but I’m violating the rules of that channel. So when you post without sticking to the rules you invariably mislead other users.

As responsible users, earning shouldn’t be your major goal, think about other original creators before flooding a channel with about 10 art works or pictures that are not yours, how do you want an original content to be seen if you continue posting random stuff at minutes intervals?

Commun is not a junkyard where circulated stuffs on the internet are dumped, think about that as users and I really wish Channel creators and leaders become active now and start to moderate each channels to stop spamming. We have to start now before it’s too late when userbase hit hundreds of thousands or millions!