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15 days ago

Family Happiness or Family Diary? Help chose one!

Dear friends, you have been super awesome and Commun won't have been a better platform without you all. As you well know, a new channel was proposed and if granted it would be a place to share family and friends memories, stories and Happy moments as well as a place to blog about your daily activities.

However, a more shorter name was proposed by our dear @aleco which is FAMILY HAPPINESS though FAMILY DAIRIES is still been contemplated as it shows more about what the channel would be created for. Therefore, help decide: which do you like best since its a general channel for all of us who have families and friends:




Please help pick one out of the two that you like best in the comments section, its opened to all and your inputs will be valued.

With love!

PS- This is put out to be an engaging post, sorry I can't translate in Russia because of inaccuracies in Google Translate.