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a month ago

How do we get new users to get active? I have a few suggestions which I’ll like to state and I’ll appreciate constructive criticism.

First, I think we should have a post limit for each day; say 5 or 6 post tops by an author in a day. It’s left to a user to either make it all GIF or real time articles. This will filter out reward Farming and it would encourage authors and creators to want to maximize the use of their daily slots. New users coming would know the principle and then would not abuse it.

Furthermore, I also believe the above stated conditions should come with new users claiming a certain points/token for each active day. Say get X amount of points/tokens for engaging in a day, I have seen this work on a platform called Uptrennd. There a Bar that fills up daily to tell how engaging and active users are to be eligible for the daily gifts.

Should there be level or Reputation score? I know this didn’t go well on some platforms but I think it would make new users want to be active and achieve a certain level. This suggestion is not limited to new users but all users, i think finding healthy ways to make our platform run smoothly should be our priorities.