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15 days ago

It is clear that Commun has a huge potential, thanks to which the network will develop. But I'd like to have some basic needs already. In particular, for placing visual content.

The necessary minimum features are implemented for placing text information. But there are almost no basic functions for placing images.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to publish more than one photo in a post in Commun. If you need to post 10 photos on the same topic, you will have to post ten posts, each with one photo. This leads to an unnecessary and excessive increase in low-quality content. 10 insignificant posts instead of one high-quality one. Due to the inability to post a high-quality post, you usually have to not to post any information.

It is also not possible to create albums with photos in your account. In Facebook, this feature is not implemented in the best way, but at least like this. This restriction can be circumvented by creating such albums in another (traditional) social networks. But it would be easier and more logical not to redirect the user to external resources.

Are there plans to create such mechanisms without which the publication of high-quality visual content in most cases is impossible?

Photo @aleksander.