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Latin Name: Anhima cornuta

Habitat: Freshwater lagoons, tropical wet savannas, lakes

Size: Length: 1.08 to 1.23 feet; Weight: 6.9 to 7.7 pounds

Diet: Aquatic plants, seeds, stems, leaves

Conservation Status: Least Concern, population decreasing

Although Horned Screamers are related to Swans, you wouldn’t be able to tell from these funny looking animals’ appearance.

As their name indicates, they have a horn-like appendage projecting from the top of their head. It seems to serve no particular purpose, unlike the spurs on their wings (which are used for fighting).

These unique birds clearly like to be heard, and have a very distinct call that is often performed as a duet between mating males and females.

The Horned Screamer resides in the marshes of South America, and is the official bird of the Department of Arauca in Colombia.